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Don’t put your revenue—or your reputation—at risk

Veridical RCM is a special kind of revenue cycle management company. We specialize in the areas of healthcare that are often misunderstood by the insurance industry, hospital administration and ultimately, patients. Our clients represent select areas of healthcare that require a true hands-on approach to ensure they are paid correctly, and in a timely manner.

Perhaps more importantly, we understand the difference between what should be reimbursed, and what will sooner or later be recouped by the carrier. This critical understanding ensures our clients can actually keep what they collect.

We offer expertise in billing compliance, optimizing revenue capture, accounts receivable audits and hospital contract negotiations. Whether you choose to keep the revenue cycle in-house or outsource to a third party billing company, you can benefit from our guidance.

Many elements comprise the revenue cycle and all of them must function concurrently in order to yield a healthy bottom line.

Infrastructure Analysis

Infrastructure Analysis

Does your organization have the necessary processes in place to support the highest collections per case? Let us review your existing infrastructure and make suggestions critical to your success.

Billing and Collections Processes Audits

Billing & Collections Processes Audits

Increasing collections isn’t our only objective. We want you to be able to KEEP what you collect. Compliant billing and collections processes are imperative. We want to ensure that if you are ever subject to an audit, you can respond with the highest confidence.

Hospital Contract Support

Hospital Contract Support

We can provide a quick analysis to look for any revenue gaps that may exist as well as confirm that you are invoicing and being paid according to the terms of your existing contracts. If necessary we can also assist you in the contract negotiating process.

Outsourced Billing Collections

Outsourced Billing & Collections

By outsourcing your billing and collections to Veridical RCM you will decrease your overhead cost and increase collections, allowing clinical provision of patient care to be your primary focus. Some claims require appeal, some are in SIU and sometimes the payment goes directly to the patient. Let us utilize our expertise to capture your payment.

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