Veridical RCM Featured in Healthcare Tech Outlook

Veridical RCM and CEO Melissa A. Hanley were featured recently in Healthcare Tech Outlook, a print magazine offering healthcare decision makers critical information on adopting innovation and enhancing their capability to provide care.

The article featured Veridical RCM and our company’s revenue cycle management expertise with complex and lesser understood healthcare services. The risk of not getting paid is real for many of these specialized providers and the article outlines how the Veridical RCM’s unique service offering,  “absolute responsiveness” philosophy its expertise in obtaining the highest reimbursements on both in-network and out-of-network bills combines to help its clients maximize their revenue to achieve a healthy bottom line.

Our company’s “personal touch” is highlighted throughout, as well as the long standing expertise and key industry certifications offered by our team. It’s a great read! To see the article, click the link below:

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